Thursday, March 22nd 2018

Last open announcement – see you at Standard at Roswell, beginning at 7:30pm

WOD – “.38

40 Cal Assault
30 Burpees to a plate
50 Wall balls (20/14)
30 Burpees to a plate
40 Cal Row
Rest 5 min
2 rounds for time

WOD Brief

First off – JOIN US at Standard at Roswell beginning 7:30pm for the final CrossFit announcement. Enjoy your beverage of choice, great burgers, pizza, salads, and more while relaxing with friends.

Today’s WOD is strong constant effort with a five minute recovery set between the rounds. The break should be used to bring down your heart rate, reset how you’ll approach each station again, and get the mind-body right fo round two. This WOD is not a ‘turn off the mind and scream’ but instead is one that requires you to keep yourself focused and relentless at each station. The calories and repetitions are just beyond sprint capacity, but well within reach. Be obsessed with moving strong and seeking your maximum potential today.

Classes may run in waves to allow room where needed.

Be relentless. Improve yourself.

AAB – either go sprint and coast sprint efforts (if your sprint is 2-3x your “coast” then by all means sprint over 1,300 cals), otherwise go at 80%

Burpees, just go these can be lateral to a plate or facing, but your hips must open at the top for the rep to be good. 2 legs back and up please.

Wall balls – try to put a back spin on the ball so it returns to you after hitting the line

Row row row – This is the end, so if you were pacing too aggressively, let her go!

Box Brief

18.5 Announcement at STANDARD AT ROSWELL Thursday, starting at 7:30pm EST. Tables are reserved, see you there!

Nutrition Program is ongoing at this time – if you are interested in leaning out, this is your program. Free weeks are still remaining to get you started, no commitment.

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