Tuesday, March 27th 2018


Clean Grip Deadlift

WOD – “Grace Bunke

600m Run
15 Deadlift BW
5 rounds for time

WOD Brief

Today we honor Amazing Grace who passed away on Monday. She is a local girl who had a lions heart and chose to live life to it’s absolute fullest. May we all hear her words and be inspired to live life fully.

Strength is clean grip, we are back to training so lets pursue the fundamentals and build upon the lessons taught in the Open. (Which you all were amazing at)

The WOD, Grace Bunke is 5 rounds for time – first 600m run (trueforms are fully charged) straight into body weight deadlifts! Scale weight, put barbell on blocks, or adjust movements to fit your abilities. Please move with intention, passion, and Grace today. This is a hard brief to write, after opening my heart and eyes to Grace’s story this evening. 

Box Brief

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