Wednesday, March 28th 2018

Skill Strength

Vertical Pulling & hollow-arch positions

WOD – “Make time

30/21 Cal Row
30 Box jumps (24/20)
Every 4 minutes for 5 rounds

WOD Brief

In the open we learned how good we were at vertical pulling and today we put that to work. Look back at your training notes and any posts you made about the pull-ups during the Open. Did you find fatigue at certain times. Were you making bigger sets than planned. Did you think your kip / butterfly were pressing you vertically enough? Did we have good shapes (the better the shape the better transfer of power AND the lower the impact across your joints)? Bigger question – did you feel your heart rate was dropping during the pull-ups – maintaining or increasing?  Why? If it was plummeting we need to get into the fundamentals of that pull-up (chest-to-bar etc ..) so we can build power in those positions to keep intensity. If our heart was racing – are we breathing or holding our breath? Are we inefficient and working too hard? – this can be caused if we are bending our arms early and having to handle all that force on our poor elbows.

The training on skill today should be tough – there is no vertical pulling in the workout on purpose, so let’s get better together.

The workout is meant for you to push the pace. On a 4 minute clock you will complete 30/21 calorie row and straight into 30 box jumps (open hips at top), and no, no burpees today 😉

When you finish these movements you’ll rest for the remainder of the time, regroup, regain deeper breath, and decide on any adjustments.

Adjustments – row harder but slower stroke rate? row harder same stroke rate? and on and on… One tip I have used with college athletes is to count your strokes – how many does it actually take you to finish 30/21 calories. Note it, and then see how close you are in subsequent rounds. This is a good way to help the mind focus, but also helps you become more efficient. You may love it or hate it … only one way to know.

Ideally you hit the work in the 4 minutes and recover. If you are caught by the clock – RESTART a new round, and now drop some reps and let’s try again (yes, the restarted round is going to be HARD with no recovery rest, but you are tough and this is your training – make it count!) 

Box Brief

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