Monday, April 2nd 2018


Push Press

WOD – “Atlas

3 rounds

With a partner:
100 STOH (95/65) (135/95) (165/115)
20 Rope Climbs

WOD Brief

Happy Spring Break! This week we have another incredible set of training as we move into week 2 post OPEN. More volume, more skills, and specific continued progressions across both our aerobic capacity and strength.

Atlas is a partner workout. If we have odd numbers – this will be done solo with 30 reps STOH and 10 rope climbs if you are proficient at these movements. The clock will start with 20 minutes on it. Athletes at 3,2, 1 go will begin with STOH. After completing 100 reps they will move to complete 20 rope climbs. At the completion of these climbs, the team will return to the barbell, add weight (increasing weight each round), and begin again at 100 reps. Athletes will continue through THREE rounds, or until time runs out. Score is total reps. As always, scale the workout to hit the stimulus.

The stimulus is a heavy 90% intensity. As a partner workout you’ll do small sets that are manageable. Split reps equally. The STOH – bring the bar to the front rack position, and then using any methods you like (push press, jerk, split, power, etc)  get the bar locked out overhead. That is one good rep. Consider 10s, 8s, 6s. If you are thinking 2s in the beginning the weight is probably too heavy.

At NO point should you or your partner be standing at the barbell resting / recovering. Keep moving …

After Easter it’ll feel good to lift some heavy weight and climb those ropes! 

Box Brief

Nutrition Program is ongoing at this time – if you are interested in leaning out, this is your program. Free weeks are still remaining to get you started, no commitment.

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