Tuesday, May 1st 2018


Toes 2 Bar and Kip Flow

WOD – “Final Rush”

Run 1600m
60 wall balls (20/14)
50 TTB
40 KBS 53/35
30 BBJO 24/20
20/15 cal assault

WOD Brief

The KIP in the toes 2 bar requires us to really press on the bar. Today we’ll take the time to build out positions in the swing, timing, and pressing movements. Feel free to put bands on the rig w/ a PVC pipe to practice “pressing on the bar” (no, not to hang onto). This is an excellent drill to help engage the right muscle groups as you build your straight arm pulling strength.

The WOD is chipper style – athletes will complete one movement fully before moving onto the next movement. So we’ll run 1,600m (if you plan on running in Murph on the river with us on May 26th, you should very much put a heavy focus here) – of course, scale as you need today.

We will then go through toes 2 bar, kettlebell swings (American which is just off vertical), Burpee box jump overs – no hip opening, but 2 feet down and back please. Finally, the assault bike for an all out sprint.

Chippers are fun because we can attack each part individually at the max speed possible. Since reps are descending we also naturally complete each movement quicker.

Tomorrow we will hit the Snatch and Clean & Jerk in a big way.

Box Brief

High School Athletic Program has officially launched! Excited to be the headquarters for one of the leading athletic program in the State. Plus how fun will it be for us to train alongside these athletes!

Congrats to Woody for all the personal records and accomplishments, you are the winner of our Dapper Community Award w/ Dapper Cuts here in Historic Roswell

Highlight videos and training videos – we have been sharing them, if you have any fun ones you capture – please tag @CrossFitNBK and or send to Jimmy. We’ll crosspost it with you.

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