CrossFit Atlantic Regionals 2018 – Live Today! Updated

NBK Nation,

Coach Joey is competing this weekend (Fri-Sun) on Team TTT ANIMUS. You can watch live, free, and at your convenience (recorded) on We will post updates here as able, but please keep him in your mind, hearts, and push those positive vibes for health and success to him and his team.

The workouts you see this weekend will be familiar, as we have been completing these Regional workouts the past two weeks.

  • Workout 1 – Joey is in Heat 3 at 9:40am Friday. 

  • Workout 2 – TTT Animus & Joey are in Heat 3 at 11am Friday

  • Workout 3 – TTT Animus in Heat 3, 9:10am Saturday

  • Workout 4 – TTT Animus in Heat 3, 10:30am Saturday

  • Workout 5 & 6 – ANIMUS & Rangers again Heat 3s Sunday 9:20 & 11am

Joey’s brother Mitchell is also competing and is on the Dwala Rangers team and on Saturday is in the same heat. So exciting as they are in the top 5, so we should see them both in the live stream often Saturday! – these guys all worked hard and excited to see them execute on the competition floor.

Good luck athletes!

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