MURPH on the River – Community tribute

CrossFit NBK and CrossFit Higher Ground came together for an amazing tribute to a U.S. Navy Seal – Michael Murphy. We completed the MURPH workout with a giant rig, beautiful weather, a flat course by the river, and a great day with friends, neighbors, and a family affair.

Thank you to all the supporters, crew, athletes, and folks below that helped make this tribute real. Do good with others and make a change in the world, one step at a time.

Charlie Allison
Elley Christian
Espa Espo
Jenny N Jimmy D
Joey Meghan
Stacey Jason Laboranti
Lee MacArthur Chuck Kelly
Woody Dana
Kensie Grace Barry Head
Amanda Back Nicole Barnett
Reese B Anthony Amodeo
Dawn Amodeo Dawn Doyle
Lady Reck Hunter Campbell
Emily Bourne Tony Sandy
Kurt Laug Adam Smith
Gretchen Harrison Joseph Robinson
sam spier David Clough
Kristi Clough BLM
Lee Neely Tiffany Neely
Sydney Baker Todd Aldrich
Tanner Aldrich Todd Aldrich
Chad Waugh Billy Ward
Devan Johns Cole Payton
Randi Harry
Gaby S Duke
Nina Scott
Phil Philip Rhodes
Andy Rhodes

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