Thursday, June 13th 2018


Toes 2 Bar

WOD “Jill”

Teams of 2
100’ KB FRWL (each) (53/35) (70/53)
80 Toes To Bar
60 Cal Assault Bike
100’ KB FRWL (each)
For time

WOD Brief

Toes 2 bar is a combination of compression strength, grip, lat engagement, patience, and explosive movements. We will dedicate some time today working on our technique to make ourselves better, and be better teammates.

The WOD is a 2 person team effort. Both team members will front rack walk lunge a kB for 100′. Then you will split 80 reps on the t2b, 60 cal AAB, and the 80 GHD before returning to the front rack walking lunge.

Male Female pairs would be ideal today when possible.

If you split frequently 10s and even every 5 reps you’ll have an awesome training session and get a great time. Count the reps with your partner to ensure you keep pace and hit the mark on each movement.

Box Brief

High School Athletic Program has officially launched! Excited to be the headquarters for one of the leading athletic program in the State. Plus how fun will it be for us to train alongside these athletes!

Highlight videos and training videos – we have been sharing them, if you have any fun ones you capture – please tag @CrossFitNBK and or send to Jimmy. We’ll crosspost it with you.

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