Friday, June 15th 2018

Shout out to all those Dads out there and wishing you all an early Happy Father’s Day



WOD “Rad Dad”

40 Wall balls
30 DB Snatch
20 Burpee

WOD Brief

Snatch will work up to moderate weight with patient touch and go between reps. Aim for perfect technique as you add weight. When you find yourself missing or beginning to press the bar into position, let’s lower the weight so we can build on the position in the best way fashion. We are recommending that there be a smoothness, a patience, a rhythm to the lift vs going as fast and as hard as you can from the beginning throughout the whole lift. For one, this will help you maintain tension, position, and overall quality through the entire lift.

Think about it this way, the faster you go, the more likely you are to lose one of these in any way. On the other hand, the slower you go, the more likely you are to maintain it all. We are not telling you to take 3 seconds from the floor to the knee(though this is a great assistance exercise we like to use for learning/strengthening purposes, and in most cases for beginners they are better off with this anyway as they create better positions from the beginning through the middle of the lift to be able to finish it out better), but rather a “rhythm” more along the lines of smooth + fast(meaning smooth from the floor to the knee, then fast from there up through extension.) For beginners this may more ideally look like slow + fast. As one becomes consistent in positions and movement it may look more like fast + faster or fast + faster + fastest, but the point is we need a solid initiation of the bar, and then a building of speed from that point up. Most people that “grip and rip,” (fun for a WOD) or go as fast as they can from the floor are usually decelerating by the time they get to full extension where they should be at their fastest point.

Today’s WOD is an AMRAP, so we will be working to complete 1+ rounds of the movements. Starting at 40 wall balls is a larger set than usual, so go big but don’t go to fatigue. Dumbbells will be set on the opposite side of the rig where you will then complete alternating arm dumbbell snatches (tap the ground every rep, yes changing in the air below the chin is fine today). Finish a total of 30 snatches (15 per arm), then burpees closer to the wall ball setup. The idea of having dumbbells away is for safety and allows for the same speed in movements.

Box Brief

High School Athletic Program has officially launched! Excited to be the headquarters for one of the leading athletic program in the State. Plus how fun will it be for us to train alongside these athletes!

Highlight videos and training videos – we have been sharing them, if you have any fun ones you capture – please tag @CrossFitNBK and or send to Jimmy. We’ll crosspost it with you.

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