Tips for a better training session and GRACE time:

How you do anything is how you do everything, so when you are in training treat it as such. Let’s focus on the most ideal positions for our body with the best weight to get the results and intent of workout. Grace is meant to be fast 2-4 minutes fast. The speed we seek is one where you are in control but wildly aware that you are dancing with the devil.

Grace is a clean and jerk, and while we will continue to seek excellence in these movements .. when we hit the WOD, sometimes we have to change to match our abilities. Grace is prescribed to be done with a barbell, but can equally be done with a sandbag (yup), and dumbbells or for those willing – double kettle bells.

To help you succeed I have drafted a few key tips that’ll help shave off time and struggle from your training. Let us know your tips in the comments and lets grow these insights together!

Tips for a better training session and GRACE time:

  • Of course …Form matters even at speed, keep good technique and you’ll win the day
  • The end is the beginning – the finish of the Clean leads immediately into the Jerk. Let’s break this down and you’ll be more efficient:
    • When finishing the power clean portion of the clean you are already in the “dipped” position of the jerk. Instead of standing the clean up then re-dipping and jerking the weight overhead try going directly into the jerk after catching the clean.
    • When returning the bar to the floor – keep the bar close to your body (similar to the beginning of the lift … the closer we keep it the less weight we have to control). Lower the bar with your hook grip (or re-grip) – by resetting your grip after you have flipped your elbows above the bar on the way down (as fast as you can).
    • Avoid crashing the bar on your hips to regrip – the hips and quads can be grazed as the bar descends or fully out of the way if possible (more advanced)
  • Chalk up, double tie your shoes, and don’t ever leave your bar during the WOD.
  • Avoid air dropping your bar – it is dangerous to you, your neighbors, and costs 10-12 seconds per drop … instead bring it down; place it, and then use those seconds to actually recover and refocus.

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