WOD – Thursday, August 2nd 2018

Strength Endurance


WOD – “Starburst”

3 minute Run
2 minutes Burpee Box Jump overs (24/20)
1 minute DB Thrusters 1 arm (50/35)
Rest 2 min

WOD Brief

We will get our joints moving, get warm, and then get into a serious aerobic warm-up. The intent will be to achieve targeted goals for each block of time.

The WOD begins with a 3 minute clock. Athletes will run for max distance (we can adjust based on athlete comfort and need to a bike or rower).

Then we’ll go for 2 minutes for 2 minutes of max burpee jump overs. These will be easy in the first 30 seconds and then we’ll have to settle into a fast pace but consistent pace. Success is found by finding efficiency – meaning jump and land in the same place; turn the same direction, etc .. In addition – stay close to your box – sometimes we jump past the box and then take 5-8 steps before the next rep, the quicker you rotate the better we will go.

Finally – ONE arm dumbbells. We’ll be off balance, but now is the time to go hard. It is only a minute and it’ll be surprising how fast this time goes in the rounds.

Our goal is to aim at the red line and hang out. That is our goal. With these 3 movements we are able to get aerobic, than dance on the aerobic threshold (the feeling just at – “this is too fast or maybe not”) and then we get a little heavy and push weight vertically.

Excited to see these scores. At the end of one block of time, we’ll rest for 2 minutes and go again.

Box Brief

Build a hospital in Rwanda – Videos and media being posted beginning today, but we are helping a charity building a hospital in Rwanda. We are opening in December and will serve an area of hard working folks where the closest hospital is 20+ miles away. More to follow – fundraiser, charity competition, fun challenges, and more!

Highlight videos and training videos – we have been sharing them, if you have any fun ones you capture – please tag @CrossFitNBK and or send to Jimmy. We’ll crosspost it with you.

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