Here are some tips to complete the KB Snatch

  • Press through your heels, extend your legs, hips and back firing the glutes. As your torso becomes upright, allow the KB to travel past the traditional swing height and draw the elbows back. This will help accelerate the KB into a proper position for hand insertion.
  • The moment you feel your arms are free of load, insert your hands into the kettlebell handle at a 45-degree angle thumbs up and relax your grip The kettlebell should continue to accelerate over your head.
  • Quickly straighten your arms. This action pushes the kettlebell to land softly on your arms.
  • All movement ceases when the kettlebell reach the top position. Wrists and elbows should be straight, thumbs pointing back.
  • Pause for a moment overhead, then lower the bell. Turn your hands out so the thumbs rotate away as you simultaneously drop your torso back deflecting from the bells as they descend.
  • As the kettlebell move past your chest, allow your hands to rotate to the thumbs back position. Re-grip the kettlebell as the back of your arms contact your chest, which is when your hands should be about at waist level, or the beginning of the back swing.
  • Hinge at the hips and allow the kettlebell to decelerate to the end of the back swing with proper torso drop to further posterior chain engagement. Repeat for reps.

Credit to the PM Coaches

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