-Front Squat

-Sumo Deadlift


8 Minute Amrap:

8 Front Rack Lunges

8 Toes to Bar

WOD Brief:

Todays class will be strength focused, spending ample time warming up and establish a “soft” one rep max for the front squat and a “soft” five rep max for the SUMO deadlift.  We are not looking for absolute pr’s but rather a working max to build on as these cycles continue.

The sumo deadlift: one of the most underrated/overlooked lifts in our sport. A sumo deadlift is a variation to the more “traditional” conventional deadlift. Sumo receives a lot of slack sometimes because people call them “cheat” deadlifts and “easier to do” than conventional. However, both conventional and sumo have their own pros and cons, so let’s look deeper into them.

Sumo deadlifts are performed with a wide stance, whereas the stance used for conventional is considerably smaller. With this wide stance comes a shorter range of motion for the bar to travel, which consequently means you should be able to pull more in sumo than conventional when you are equally comfortable with them – not on your first time trying sumo. In sumo, some of the stress of the lift is taken off of the back and spread across the quadriceps, whereas in conventional, the majority of the stress is placed on your back when completing the lift.Sumo deadlifts require insane hip mobility and flexibility (thus strengthening those areas tremendously), whereas conventional does not. However, conventional requires considerably more ankle mobility than sumo to get in the proper starting position. Pulling sumo means you will have to spend a lot of time working on your mobility (foam rolling and stretching before and after you lift, even at home, no excuses!) and tweaking your mechanics (feet placement, stance width, sinking down lower, altering how upright your chest is)! So let’s dial this in, learn something new and spend quality time on these lifts today!

8 minute amrap! Yikes, nothing to light up the core and the legs like the simple lunge/ttb couplet. Being that it’s only two exercises with a low rep scheme, we should be able to get MANY of reps in within this 8 minutes. Find a weight that you can move well for the lunges, prepare your grip for the TTB and let’s crush this lunging shenanigans!

Box Brief 

Check in challenge continues! Check in to class and whoever checks in the most will win awesome swag, gift cards and more!

NBK gets back on the water with the Atlanta Rowing Club! November 10, 17, 18 from 11-1

Able to donate and help build a hospital??  Please donate to help us build a hospital in Rwanda – here is the link

Videos and media being posted, but we are helping a charity building a hospital in Rwanda. We are opening in December and will serve an area of hard working folks where the closest hospital is 20+ miles away. More to follow – fundraiser, charity competition, fun challenges, and more!

Highlight videos and training videos – we have been sharing them, if you have any fun ones you capture – please tag @CrossFitNBK and or send to Jimmy/Sarah. We’ll cross-post it with you.


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