Power clean work to heavy single for the day

Squat clean and jerk work to heavy single for the day


3 minute AMRAP

30 DU

5 Clean& Jerks 165/115

In remaining time: max cals on bike erg

Rest 1 min x 3 rounds

WOD Brief:

Power clean and squat cleans and jerks all in one day?! It’s true, yall! Let’s take time to build to a soft one rep max for the day, ideally not to failure, but as heavy as we can get to for a single repetition with excellent technique.

The metcon today is three individual short, intense amraps that will start by jacking up the heart rate, move onto cycling clean and jerks and finishing out any remaining time on the bike erg. Your score will be calories on the bike, so you want to move very efficiently to maximize the bike time. Let’s talk barbell cycling- like with any lifting, bar path is critical, and building up solid technique is key. The precise repetition of excellent form is the key to efficiency, allowing you to not only compete effectively, but safely. When cycling the clean, you want to avoid pausing the bar at the hips on the way down. At the same time, you want the bar path to be as close when lowering and when lifting, so it’s not a bad idea to think about scraping by the hips on the way down. Shifting your footwork from toe-to-heel when lowering the weight will allow you to more easily bring hips to bar and help dial-in a perfect bar path. When cycling shoulder-to-overhead movements, I recommend taking a wider stance than typically taught in weightlifting. This wider base is more stable, and that will make it easier to keep a good, consistent bar path, even as you fatigue. While perhaps less complex that other lifts, you won’t want to skimp on practicing and perfecting shoulder-to-overhead movements in all the variations. Efficient shoulder-to-overhead barbell cycling can be a huge difference maker over time.

Box brief:

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