Muscle Up Practice!


4 Rounds for Time

7 devils press (50/35)

14 Chest to Bar / 7 ring muscle ups

21 burpees to plate (45)

WOD Brief:

Oh the ever so dreaded, yet beautiful muscle up! Ever since the CrossFit Games introduced the bar muscle up in2012 the movement has become a staple to all competitors and a right of passage for many day to day CrossFitters that need a new obstacle to overcome. The bar muscle up at it’s most basic form begins hanging from a bar with an overhand grip and finishes in a support position above the bar, yet it is not at all that easy, takes brute strength and time to master. Let’s focus on a few things today and maximize our practice time, talk with your coach about a good progression for you:

-Fix Your Grip: Take an active grip just outside shoulder width. This will help you more effectively engage your lats and pull with more strength. Ensure that your pinky knuckles are wrapped over the bar as well. Grip is essential to executing many hanging elements in gymnastics and the relationship with the bar is a gradual process. You need an active grip that allows for back and lat engagement but at the same time don’t death grip the bar or you may lose an entire layer of skin in the process.

-Harness Momentum: Engage your core and keep the body tight in your hollow body position to better harness momentum. By staying tight you’ll allow for better transitioning from position to position which means a more efficient movement.

-Scoop and Look: Scoop with your toes, look above the plane of the bar and pull the bar as close to the hips as possible. Sit up a little bit to initiate the transition into the support position. Why scoop with the toes? It’s a much more efficient movement. Efficiency allows for a linear frame of execution where we are bleeding power and momentum but directing vertically into moving the body above the plane of the bar.

The wod today is nice and meaty. Four rounds of three tough movements, the dreaded devils press (a movement featuring two dumbbells of the same weight, and is essentially a combination of a dumbbell burpee, and a double dumbbell snatch), then into chest to bar or muscle ups and finishing with burpees. Best approach today would be to find a pace that you can hold and move efficiently throughout all four rounds, don’t take breaks/breathers but move steadily until you are done.

Box brief:

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