1. KB/DB SeaSaw Press: 3×8-10 per side + 2 sec descent!
  2. Dips: 3×7-9
  3. Sandbag Bench Press:


“Crush or be Crushed”


DB Snatch

Cal Ski

*Teams of 2 split evenly as needed: For Time*


Giving the legs a SLIGHT breather today as we continue with our upper body push cycle. Aim here is to get a little heavier, a little tighter, and a little deeper than last week. Warm your joints and shoulder muscles up well before attacking todays strength portion.

After the strength, a partner interval style couplet. The intent is to all out BURST each set of both db snatches and the ski, so break up reps/sets that will allow max effort for the duration of the workout.

Box Brief:

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