Monday, November 27th 2017


Clean & Jerk

WOD – “Bottoms Up”

Squat Clean 115/75

Rest 3 min

15 Wall balls (20/14)
30 DU

WOD Brief

Squat cleans should be done with efficient and great technique. Pick a pace and intensity that has you maxed out at the end of 5 minutes. If you treat as an EMOM, be aggressive with this light bar and aim high.

After our 3 minutes of rest we go for quick and light. Breath at the top of the wall ball and go unbroken. Your legs will be a bit toasty, but they’ll return. Approach the double unders calmly and relaxed – rushing and getting tripped is more costly.

 Box Brief
Thankful to back to a regular schedule – this week we will play with mixed intensities, retesting an aerobic effort that is all mindset, and finish the work with a tough Hero WOD. The week is programmed to allow for maximum adaptation and recovery. If you take a rest day or add auxiliary work, fuel and be intelligent with your recovery protocols – CrossOver, ROMWOD, Yoga.
JOIN US on Sunday for Yoga at our neighbor’s Yoga Studio. Designed just for NBK Athletes
Class reservation competition is live – check-in for every class you attend to win every Friday for the next month!


December 3rd – NBK Yoga class at LiveURYoga studio, sign-up online! 50% off savings. Focus is on CrossFit athlete problem areas

December 9th – Gymnastics Clinic by Power Monkey team and CrossFit Games Athlete (register online)
NBK Holiday December Party – Beautiful Dinner and Social Event, Dec 17th

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