Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Congrats Slade!


Hollows & Yoke

WOD – “100s”

100 Cal Row
100 Cal Ski
100 Cal Bike

WOD Brief

Time to retest where we are on this aerobic effort. This should be done at  your aggressive paces. The row and ski can be done at 90-92% effort, If you hit it very hard you’ll need to be sure you level out to a pace that you can finish. The bike is far enough that you can play it – either a strong consistent pace, or go for sprints with 10-12 seconds of recovery pace. Those strong on the bike (avg >1,200 watts) should go for broke.

Roll off the bike when done and go for a walk to clean the legs.

 Box Brief
Thankful to back to a regular schedule – this week we will play with mixed intensities, retesting an aerobic effort that is all mindset, and finish the work with a tough Hero WOD. The week is programmed to allow for maximum adaptation and recovery. If you take a rest day or add auxiliary work, fuel and be intelligent with your recovery protocols – CrossOver, ROMWOD, Yoga.
JOIN US on Sunday for Yoga at our neighbor’s Yoga Studio. Designed just for NBK Athletes
Class reservation competition is live – check-in for every class you attend to win every Friday for the next month!


December 3rd – NBK Yoga class at LiveURYoga studio, sign-up online! 50% off savings. Focus is on CrossFit athlete problem areas

December 9th – Gymnastics Clinic by Power Monkey team and CrossFit Games Athlete (register online)
NBK Holiday December Party – Beautiful Dinner and Social Event, Dec 17th

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