Thursday, December 21st 2017


WOD – “The Grinch”

3 Rope Climb >>>>>> LLRC
30/21 cal Row
30 abmat sit ups >>>>> GHD
30 KBS (53/35) >>>>>>>(70/53)
3 rounds for time

WOD Brief

Today we work on our vertical pulling strength. We’ll spend time in the skill session improving these positions to help build more efficient movements and strength. Take the opportunity to find an element to improve upon – grip the rope better, higher jump, better outstretched arms, knees to chest, etc … IF you have rope climbs efficiently, we have an isometric and eccentric plan specifically to build your density (that will transfer nicely to the pegboard when you are ready!)

Today’s WOD will dance on your muscle fatigue edge, so be efficient and hit these movements hard.

 Box Brief
NBK Holiday party was amazing on Sunday night – wonderful fun, laughter, and food. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Everyone was so generous with the food and since we had so much we donated to rest to the local police department and to the women’s shelter here in Roswell. Thanks to Abby and Nina for making this happen!
WINNER of our Coach Contest will be revealed this week.
Cathy is our winner for last week’s Class Reservation Competition and her choice of 10 Performance PME, RPM, and a creatine – next week we’ll have 2 winners and you won’t want to miss it!
Schedule updates: Dec 23rd Open Gym 8-10am, Dec 24th Classes 8am & 9am, Closed Dec 25th, Dec 26th 8-11am Open gym w/ WOD


Updated holiday hours the week of Christmas and New Years

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