Friday, December 22nd, 2017



Clean+ Hang Clean

WOD – “Double Blues”

25 Box Jump (20”)
15/10 cal ski
7 Squat Cleans (115/75) (165/115)
Every 5 min for 20 min

WOD Brief

Closing the week with four sprint sets – sprints? YES, the intent of this WOD is to hit these explosive movements quickly (not rushed) and then execute the Cleans rapidly. Full Cleans today in the WOD, (Bar begins on the ground, and athlete receives bar in full squat. The rep is complete when the athlete stands with the barbell at full vertical) Heavy enough that the last few reps per set are difficult. Your heart rate SHOULD be flying when you get to the bar, so take advantage of that moment – pick up that barbel and go. If you relax you lose the intensity we are pursuing.

This is where you get stronger across your entire system. The ability to deliver oxygen and produce power at varied heart rates is where the magic occurs. Today is your chance to get fitter, healthier, and stronger.

Scale the work accordingly, you should have rest of about 2 minutes every round. If you finish faster, great – breath deeply, think how you can improve your positions and go faster. (As yourself, is the box close enough; did I ski hard enough; did I REALLY need that extra chalk)

 Box Brief
NBK Holiday party was amazing on Sunday night – wonderful fun, laughter, and food. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Everyone was so generous with the food and since we had so much we donated to rest to the local police department and to the women’s shelter here in Roswell. Thanks to Abby and Nina for making this happen!
WINNER of our Coach Contest will be revealed this week.
Tuesday (Dec 26th we announce the winner of this week’s check-in challenge, who will win?
Schedule updates: Dec 23rd Open Gym 8-10am, Dec 24th Classes 8am & 9am, Closed Dec 25th, Dec 26th 8-11am Open gym w/ WOD


Updated holiday hours the week of Christmas and New Years

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