Monday, January 22nd 2018



Muscle-up Transition work

WOD – “Grasshopper” 

Thruster (45/35)
After each round 15 Burpee box jumps (24/20)
For time

WOD Brief

An exciting week ahead of programming, we cover the full gambit of energy systems, equipment, movements, and energy systems. The goal this week is to gain the day’s intention. Focus on each day and by Friday you’ll be feeling amazing. We have some important skill work programmed to build our density and technique. These are critical for you improving in those movements – work the positions, be honest with yourself, and you’ll see the results.

Today’s skill work is on muscle-up transitions and reinforces a few challenging positions. Utilize the low rings as needed, the high rings for false-grip chest to bar would be great (remember, feel like you are pressing your feet towards the ground with a fully tight and extended body).

The WOD is a fiery little burner. Empty bars and an all out sprint with no reason to slow down anywhere. Thrusters full depth and extension required for RX. Place the bars down when done to keep them in good shape and go full rebound on those burpee box jumps if you have it in you. Full extension over the top today.

This workout goes 40 Thrusters -> 15 Burpee box jumps -> 30 Thrusters -> 15 Burpee box jumps –> etc … finishing on the burpees

 Box Brief
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