Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Fleet is back to full strength


Handstand Push-ups

WOD – “AAB Max out” 

:20 max effort Assault Bike
1:40 rest
Score is total cals
5 Rounds

WOD Brief

Today is a max power output and there is no pacing involved. This is difficult for most athletes, especially those who excel at long distance and workouts that are. greater than 15 minutes. The ability to express massive power outputs in a relatively short time domain, recover, and repeat is a huge advantage. Health wise – this type of workout increases your base power capability (in terms of the Assault Bike, it results in a higher watts output for any sprint in the future); it increases the ability for your body to transmit oxygen and energy through your body, and finally with this type of training (as we have incorporated it across our months) will also actually increase the walls of our hearts themselves.

Massive benefits and hard. At the end of this workout, there should be nothing left, and a solid 15 minutes of recovery necessary. If you get off the AAB after any round and think “I could go again”, you went to slow – GO HARDER. Give your all every round, and at the end .. celebrate your fortitude.

For those looking to scale, we will lower the time of the max effort, but are seeking the same power maximum effort.

 Box Brief
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