Nasal Breath – an unlock to your health and high performance


Can how you breath improve everything?

We believe yes, and since day one have been introducing these breath practices. Over the past 6 months you have seen them included with breath work in our core classes – and as a bias in our Endurance class.

This practice improves a broad spectrum of health and fitness areas, but simply put – breath improves your health, ability to move big weight, run better and faster, and simply manage your emotional state better. Now we have more proof through a few new case studies and research.

Some may say it is common sense that breath is connected to functional health, and others will wait for the science. Thankfully, now we have both – how do you use breath to manage your health?

Ask us how!

A few universal quick tips:

  1. Nasal Breathing wherever and whenever possible
  2. Deep belly breath vs. high chest

Get fit by improving your mindset, breath, aerobic capacity, strength and so much more. Specifically you see these protocols added also to our accessory strongman work, and CrossFit classes too. (Uncomfortable and effective.

“This study supports the ability of recreational runners to utilize a nasally restricted breathing pattern at all levels of running intensity without loss in VO2max or GXT TE and with superior PE and ventilatory efficiency, following an extended training period using this practice. These findings suggest that a nasally restricted breathing pattern may be success- fully utilized by recreational runners as means of improving health, without sacrificing performance ability, following an extended period of time spent adapting to this practice.”

… and here is the study too:…/IJ…/article/view/4400/3407


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